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Full Specs

Nominal: 419km@50km/h (261 Miles@31mph)

Top Speed: 135km 83mph)

Highway: 250km@80km/h (156 Miles@50mph)

Highway: 150km@120km/h (95 Miles@75mph)

Final Drive: 88T 25mm Poly Chain Carbon Belt

Motor Type: Liquid Cooled Permanent Magnet AC Motor

Pea Torque: 117.6Nm (86.7 ft-lb)


Power Pack

Max Capacity: 16.6kWh

Nominal Capacity: 14.3kWh

Charger Rating: 3.8kW

Chage Type: AC Type 2 On Board Chager

Front Brake: Dual 300mm Discs with 4 Piston Calipers

Charger Rating: 3.8kW

Brake Type: ABS brake system

Rear Brakes: 240mm Disc with Dual Piston Caliper

Tyres & Brakes

Rear Tyre: 180/55-17

Front Tyre: 120/70/17

Length: 2220mm (87.4 Inches)

Seat Height: 760mm (30 Inches)

Width: 870mm (34 Inches)


Ground Clearance: 150mm (5.9 Inches)

Carrying Capacity: 210KG (463lbs)

Motorcycle Weight: 200KG (441lbs)

7 Inches of Simplicity

7 Inches of Simplicity

The 7-inch display combines everything you need to know into one uncluttered focal point. Gone are the days of multiple dials and tiny dials to make way for new straightforward simplicity.

Liquid Cooled for Maximum Output

Liquid Cooled for Maximum Output

Our high efficiency liquid cooling system allows for more power to be reliably produced from a lighter drivetrain. Designed to be compacted yet easily serviceable, the TS Bravo delivers where other air cooled EVs struggle.

Simple Yet Powerful

Simple Yet Powerful

The compact 11kw electric liquid cooled motor can kick out a maximum power output of 58kw while only weighing 17kg. The TS Bravo packs quite the punch and keeps the weight down to the bare minimum for the ultimate in riding predictability.

3.8kw On board charger

3.8kw On board charger

From 0 to 100% state of charge in less than 3 hours using just a 220v home power socket. The TS Bravo comes quick charge enabled out of the box without the need to install a home fast charger. Take your charging station anywhere there’s a plug socket.

The Latest Generation of Fast Commuter Bikes


Top Speed


Maximum Range@50km/h


Peak Power


Peak Battery Capacity